Cultural Industry and Digital World : Approaches to Aesthetics, Education and Violence

Colloque du CRIFPE
Brève communication orale
Le numérique éducatif
With computerization and concentric systems of cultural production and economic and political domination, it is important that communication studies approach the mediation of technologies in the conditions of perception. In the digital environment, the concept of cultural industry needs updating. The challenge is to identify the aesthetics of violence in the symbolic construction of mass media in contrast to the ideological discourse of freedom of expression. It is worth interpreting authoritarian dimensions in the apparently democratic processes of the free flow of information on the internet and social networks. The reality has been the hegemony of media control groups as a business and the use of algorithms that capture and manage content that users freely deposit into the system that controls them. Based on Adorno and Horkheimer, it can be seen that media artifacts assume regressive contours in the digital world, due to the possibilities that synthesis-image, with computer graphics, give rise to forms of manipulation that articulate pleasure, shock and paradoxically impersonality and visibility. McLuhan highlights the aesthetic dimension as a condition for interpreting and politicizing new technologies, which is a principle of media education and strategy for teacher education and classroom experience in the context of digital education.
  • Belarmino Cesar G. da Costa - UNIMEP
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